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PADMA, by force no one won anything so far.

Dowry case (498a) DVA or any other case will not solve your problem, As i seen in our 6000 Plus families only 2 or 3 back with husband. thats also not willingly.

No man will run back to his mother, if he get enough from his wife. You have to give more love and care than his mother. its difficult to break his 25/30 years of mothers food and love,still its wife duty to perform better than that. else man always has option, Read this

Never say he has to take care of you, you take care of him,meet his needs and he will do the same,coz yours is love marriage.

Women always find faults in her man after marriage,carelesness and attitude, same they dont find when they are romancing(before marriage) so now you know who changed, and what made him change.

If you think you can make them to stand in court, well then go ahead and do it, and you will know who is loser.