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hi Mr.James,

let me tel u some things even if ur feeling bored of my talks … i hope ur not.

i would say by all of your suggessions i could really understand what is life. in fact i was blind in his love i always felt he is mine so he would understand me no matter in what way i put things across to him, but now i have totally realised what to do what not. i only no keeping him happy is my only aim. i want him to realise how much i love him, how much i miss him always . sir i no that his family is always indirectly even in future will bother him in our life in our every matter. but iam prepared to be paitent i have understood that day will come wen he himself will realise what his family members are.

sir thanks for ur kind suggessions i am really thankful to u. always shall remember ur help. and pray for u and your family.

he calls me every day at least once, iam really happy, i could not believe he will come back u no i was so worried were he will leave me alone . tis sunday he is comming home to take me. its a new life for me. hope ur blessing are always there for me.

as u told paitents will pay one day. he is so good i dont no why all of sudden he behaved tis way. i would say always because of his family he does so. as u no there is a saying one rotten mango will spoil the other. just think he is lotus in a dirty pond. when he came to me i new tis . now to get the lotus for me i have entered the pond but one day i will make it.

now i no how to tackle his family so that he will never find fault in me. so much they have told against me to him one day they will feel guilty for this. i dont have any problem with his family infact iam least bothered sir, i nither want to be close to his family nor avoide them i have realise how to deal to them.

let me tell u one incident, of that day when i went with my parents, after all talks all elders suggested us not to fight and understand, later, father inlaw called my sister inlaw who was cooking , to speak IN TIS MATTER imagine he being father, he is the elder, my husband is his son instead of he speaking he allows her to talk can u guess what kind of father in law i have. he allows not only her but all of his other family members to talk and simply watch.

he cant take a step for his son but always allows other family members to interfere. this is what i hate in him. in every matter he dose so. later sisterinlaw came and said some thing to my mom till then i never opened my mouth ,

but i had to speak , i came near my mom and said to keep quit and i shall talk now. all were silent. i said to my sis in law ” tell me what proble u have with me”i shall slove not my parents. later her husband came in between and said its not ur problem its both of urs problem ,we are here to solve.

i said ok let me explain i told openly that “my husband is angry because i discussed our problem to u people” both his brother and sister in law were standing opposit to me. all were watching siliently i continued to my sis in law that

also i told her that ” my husband is angry as i said him” that u suggested me to hit him back if he beats me” she started getting angry and just went inside the kitchen stating that “i dint teach u any thing”. she was worried if i would tell every thing about her in front of all the people. never again she came out and spoke. sir dont u think if she had been correct she would have argued instead of running away right. see what kind of people they are.

later all told to leave the matter. they told i should not commit any suicied in his native in future. i told” if i had to die three months are not reuired for me. iam alive to get my love back iam alive here to take my life my husband back as i love him. his is my every thing. my life. u no what was next ,,,, my husband in turn stated that i too loved u a lot thats y i married going against all this family members “pointing to allof his family . i was so happy sir my heart was so happy. i felt at least my husband made them realise that he loves me a lot. i too love him a lot.

and i told u previously about his aunty who told that iam not a virgin and want not. the same women says to my mom ” ur daughter has spoke about me in singular still i forgive her about this ” she could have fought but she dint because she knows my mom would have given her properly about this matter that how could she speak about my virginity. see how people changed. sir i am right may be god has helped me for this truthfullness i feel.

now i no how to deal with all of them. thank a lot for ur precious time.