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Dear Padma,

I’m happy to hear ur back with ur hubby. In the future to avoid such things happening again u may read the following advice.

I’m married and have a kid.

To solve your prob u must know about indian husband mentallity. We want our wives to be submissive. Not to back answer. If you talk anything about their side the blood shoots up even if it has a good reason. So the only way to resolve is be submissive but politley when you have good times together try to explain in a soft way what you want to say. Never object to anything these indian husbands say immediately or harsely.

I’m also like your husband a bit short tempered. You must first know how short tempered people behave and why. This I’m telling you because u said u have a love marriage. All the anger the bad words the physical assault is for that moment. We really don’t know why we did it and whether we did it atall. I’m justifying the action but the reasons for it. Just after the moment I love my wife more since I might have shouted at her or beat her. She is also like you always backanswering which aggravates the situation. I always after a fight go after her begging to forgive me.

I hope you understand what i’m trying to do. You are like my wife and Your husband like me. Thats why I think you will understand. I’m also simply one of those authoritative hitempered indian husband