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I am also suffering with same problem I got married on 11/July/2007 and my wife filled DV against me on 24 March 2008 and one complaint in CAW cell to satisfy her ego that she belongs to rich family and on 01 June 2008 we do compromise and police closed their application, my wife was living with me from 6th day of marriage and there is no involvement of my parents in our life. But they don’t take DV back her mother wants to harass me and get some written proof from me that I will behave according to them only and number of incidents happened to make me come down on their feet and they not get succeeded and a lot of false complaints against me in police station and a lot of police pressure and political pressure and I get threats from some “Gundas” but all in vain. At last they agreed to do compromise in mediation cell. Mediation cell make to compromise statement that:

(1) I will return het all testimonials and passport.

(2) She will bring back all the gold ornaments and keep in joint account.

(3) I will withdraw my divorce case.

(4) She will withdraw her DV case.

(5) Her parents don’t visit my home for next 6 month.

I completed my all commitments I return all her testimonials and passport in court and her one Gold necklace and I also withdraw my divorce case. But she till date not withdraw her DV case and not take jewelry back which is given by me and my parents and after that they become more cruel against me and every day police come to take me police station and they pressurized me to give in written that I have beaten her and her parents. I have also one medical report against them they attack on me with some persons at my home in Delhi. But I also give them good answer I only get one big hit on my nose and go to police station but they don’t entertain me then I go to direct govt hospital they doctors make medical for me and call police and then police take her father and other persons to police station again with tactics they succeed to do compromise and no fir lodge against them.

A lot of incidents happened and I lost my job and they also get maintenance order of 10,000 from lower court. We have one baby boy and he now 1 Year and 2 months old and my parents yet not seen him.

She went to het parents on 19 Feb 2009 and still she is their and working in some compant and earning 15,000 per month I conduct her interview in telephone because her parents hide her in their another house and I get her number from some where and manage to conduct telephonic interview and I have no documentary proof of her working status it a small company. Now she again filled complaint against me in CAW cell. I got another job in Sep 2009 in abroad no body have this information not my parents and not my friends.

I am fed up of all these things and I know they will not give me divorce also on any cost.

Now I want to convert to Islam presently I am in Islamic country, I am not want to use Islam as a tool I convert in Islam fully I will change all my things and view according to Islam “ Is it possible for me to do second marriage without getting divorce” still I have no marriage proposal I am just thinking about it and I am planning to get married in Sep 2010.

(1) Is there is some legal problem for me If I go back to India ?

(2) When I get eligible for getting third party divorce?

I don’t get afraid fo fighting with them but thing is that I don’t want to waste my time and money on these stupid things presently I am 29 Years old everybody I saying that I am case I will take long time to get divorce so al last I have decided to get married again and want to start my life again peacefully. Please suggest me??