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Thanks for the reply. I spent 10 months with her and these months were very very horrible. My wife always abuses me and threaten me that she will not accept any kind of mistake from me. She will cut her nerve if i don;t obey her. Me and my parents were abused horribly by my inlaws several times. 8 ppl from my inlaws came to my office to insult me (as i didn;t responded to most of the phone calls that they were making).

Not only this, my wife mixed up with those people with whom we had property disputes and cases are going on in court. Whatsoever i asked her not to do, she did. Whatsoever i taught her is good to be done, she never did. She moved opposite of exactly what i said.

I am worried if i file divorce case then she may go for 498 and other. The people in between are taking revengue of us (Those with whom we have property disputes). They are mind washing my wife’s mind to come back. At present whoseover from our town talk to my wife. My wife cries and says she want to come back. On the other hand she insults my family members whenever they talk to her.

I am completely sikh of her. I never wanted her back. What to do in this case?