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Hi all,

Thanks for your inputs.

We have couple of more questions.

1. This is a hypothetical question assuming she withdraws 498a and agrees for mutual consent divorce but does not waive of maintainence.Should we go ahead with it. And if she files CrPC 125 we could counter file CrPC 125. what are the chances of winning this ?

2. If we counter 498a and win the case, and then we apply for divorce ,are the chances brighter for no maintainence ?

3.In the police complaint she is mentioned that she is earning Rs 5000 per month and in the FIR occupation column its mentioned that she is employed, but in the divorce petition she is mentioned that she quit the job.Would these documents be accepted as proof for her being an employee. plz advice us on how to carry forward the case.

4. What is the procedure to withdraw 498a. Who should legally initiate this ?

Thanks & Regards