Gupta Ji,

Why are you taking so much tension, I am also a victim but I don’t get indulged in this bloody game of putting false allegation and running in courts for begging divorce I don’t give a single penny to my wife, if she wants to be a robot, run by her mother, then I am not responsible for her sufferings. Just take it easy and don’t think that you are doing some thing its happening only you are not the doer. I lost my job, but I was happy one tension gone and company gives me 2,00000 Rs because they fired me after that I have a lot of money. Now I am free to flow with the time I have nothing to loose, but judge see my pervious salary statements and ordered 10,000/- maintenance per month. No issue “Karne DO” I am not going to pay and 1 year already gone I have paid nothing to my in- laws now they are running behind me to settle the matter.

But I do:

(1) I sold all the house hold items,

(2) I stop to pay Electricity Bill.

(3) I stop the maid.

(4) She makes hell my life in court and I make her life hell in my house.

When there is no washing machine, refrigerator, AC, cooking gas, electricity then she automatically leave my house and went to parents home. No body can stop me doing this no police and not the court I have no job and I have to pay the fee of my Advocate. I hardly give 10,000/- Rs to my advocate from 1’st hearing I come to know that he can’t do anything. My wife filed DVA and Application in women cell. Women cell reject her application because I was agreed her to take with me and they reject her application and bring her to my house first I tried to do my best to resolve the matter but the matter was not between me nad and wife I was between me and my mother-in-law and my wife was doing everting to make her mother happy and I also start playing their game with them now again she is at her parents home now again they put application in women cell and they tried to find me and closed the application by saying that case is already running in court and first give us the status of your son-in-law because my parents already disowned before my in-laws filled cases in court

DVA is still running, in beginning I was also tried a lot to solve the problem but when you think you are doer then you suffer a lot.

My wife is MBA and M.Sc (C.S) and she is earning near about 15,000/- per month but I have no need to prove why I go to court to prove she working and that honorable judge will not believe on me because judge is the part of the mechanism which is only working for women’s. We men’s have no feeling, sentiments, and emotions. I filled application for divorce but my advocate say you have to pay maintenance to your wife, I with draw the case and second thing she wants the child then it’s her responsibility to feed him, if child is with me then I will do for him I am not going to beg from my wife for that.

So Gupta ji now you are 40 and 30 years left, so take a good decision you will find nothing in courts.

Same thing happened with my one friend he do love marriage but his wife also a mother driven girl and she filled 498 on him, that time he was working in state police, but suffered a lot, he lost his job and at last he became disappears and started his second life with new girl and now he is a well settled person and having one baby boy and his ex- wife is fighting for bread and butter her parents also go abroad because they have to marry their others children’s. So in last no body is with you, you have to fight alone with you problems.

My father-in-law was giving false applications in police stations that I slapped him and beat his daughter means my wife. Then I started really to beat them but there is not medical proof of that so no police action. Don’t take all tension on your shoulders share it to others it’s a game like football in football you give pass to other players.

Presently I am also got disappeared; now enjoying my life I have joined health club, and Japanese martial arts. In leaves I am visiting new places and now searching another life partner.

There are two types of innocence. One is below knowledge – the childlike, the pre-Adam-like, and the animal-like. Below knowledge you are not, the ego is not, the troublemaker is not; you exist as part of the Cosmic Whole. You do not know that you are part, you do not know that there is a Cosmic Whole: you know nothing. You exist without knowing. Of course, there is no suffering because suffering is impossible without knowledge. One has to be aware of suffering to suffer it. How can you suffer if you are not aware? Like if you are being operated upon: a surgeon is operating on you. If you are conscious, you suffer. If you lose you conscious and are unconscious, there is no suffering. The leg is cut completely, thrown, and there is no suffering because suffering is nowhere recorded, nowhere known – you are unconscious. You cannot suffer in unconsciousness. You can suffer only when you are conscious. The more conscious, the more you suffer. So don’t think more about this matter and accept that you are not responsible for any thing the things are happening you are only a spectator.

See the animals are not in a struggle. Even if they appear to us to be in a struggle, they are not in a struggle. They appear to you to be in a struggle because we go on projecting our own ideas. They cannot be in a struggle. They appear to us to be in a struggle because for us everything is a struggle. With the ego everything is a struggle. They seem to be fighting to exist, but they are not fighting to exist: they are just flowing in the Cosmic Unity. Even if they are doing something, there is no doer behind it. It is a natural phenomenon.

If a lion is killing some victim for his food, there is no doer, there is no violence. It is a simple phenomenon – just hunger after food. There is no hungry one but simply hunger – a mechanism of finding food, not violence. Only man can be violent, because only man can be a doer. You can kill without hunger, but a lion can never kill without hunger – because in a lion the hunger kills, not the lion. A lion can never kill in play. There is nothing like hunting for a lion. It exists only for man. You can kill in play, just for fun. If a lion is satisfied, there is no violence, no play, no game, nothing. It is

a hunger phenomenon. The doer is not there.

Why is childhood so beautiful, so blissful? Because you were still a part of the Cosmic flow, with no responsibility, with absolute freedom, with no conscience, with no burden. You existed, not as if it was something to be done by you, rather it was just there, taken for granted. And then comes the ego, and then come the conflict and the struggle. Then everything becomes a responsibility, and every moment is a bondage with no freedom.

About our system I am sharing one story with you in this story Mulla Nasrudin is our system or courts or our in-laws or women welfare organizations and the donkey is you or me or all the victims.

Mulla Nasrudin bought a donkey. The owner of the donkey told Nasrudin to give it a certain amount of food daily. Mulla thought that this was too much, so he said,”Okay! By and by, I will reduce the food of the donkey and make him accustomed to a smaller ration.” So he reduced it. By and by, daily, the food was reduced, the ration was reduced. Finally, the ration was almost nothing – ALMOST NOTHING! Then the donkey fell down and died. So Mulla said, ”It is a pity. If I had had a little time more, if this donkey had not died so easily, I would have made him accustomed to no diet at all. The experiment was just about to be completed, and it is a pity that the donkey has died.”