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We are not sure your case is real one or not; If its real its your own kind made other women situation misrable by filling false 498A / DVA cases against husband families. so judiciary / Police think yours is also yet another sob story, Even if its true.

Many women come to us asking for advice, after filling dowry case, do not tell us its your Parents or State file these cases, unless your signature or node.

Many women burnt hand after filling dowry cases, saying they gave dowry, but in IPC 498a, it says Giving dowry also a crime equal to taking it. so you are guilty too.

By filling false case, you stuck again. you may thought or lawyers adviced, your husband wll drop on his knees if you file 498a or DVA, those days are gone, many Lawyers trying make money from both sides by misleading both parties.

If criminal case is pending you cann`t travel abroad, and if his 498A is dismissed then he will file damage / defamation and misusing law / Process, case against you and you will stuck forever running post to pillar.

We are against abuse of law process, if you really harassed for dowry and Domestic violence you should fight for your rights, when you says you want to withdraw case, that clearly shows these cases are false.

so we can say you dug your own grave, now you can blame your dear Parents for filling case in your name.

You deserted him and also filled false case, so he will get Divorce as and when he wanted for desrtion and filling false case [ check for this judgment here – filling false case amount in Cruelty ]