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Dear sir thanks for information, I wish to add some more information

She told few times after two years of marriage, during quarrels, that her members will drag my entire family behind bars. Because of non awareness of 498a and DV, I did not act promptly. Now her relatives suspecting me, that I have started taking precautions, thats why she may not reveal any symptoms before filing case.

Actually, I am dragging my relation with her, I never expressed to her, but she expressed that, no benefit living with me, what have you done to me sofar.

she was unhappy with my parents during their stay with us, due to treatment of my father, and cursing him after his death due to health problem. Now also she told, she will never visit my home town, and creates scene when I wish to visit my mother. I started believing she is not made for me, as her relatives being dominant always supports her and inturn currupts her mind during phone calls.

Even after this, I do not wish to separate from kid and wife, I am trying my best, and Due to current good situations she is here with me for nearly one year as being Muslim she could not go alone to her native and no one came to me to pickup her during last one year. she insisted me to board her native bus few times. I never did. If she go there, she will ask me to come there bypassing my mother, and will not stop with that.

Pl suggest me, if she is moving to her parents with my daughter( 2 years) and with or without informing me or informing neighbors in my absence and returning the house-key to them( I am residing in that house for the last 4 years), in what way I have to give FIR , that should be advantageous to me if she planned to file case( she will never show symptoms now)

I do not have any wrong intensions towards her, but to safe gaurd my self, and to teach a lesson to wrong wife, I am sharing my feelings to all the members here. Thanks a lot.