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Hello Mr. Bodke & Kachave,

It is very interesting to say that (if you are true) in such a way any body can harrash or make mental patient or even to finish your life with innocent concern other people; or any body else to whome the pititioner(s) has an enemity. Only then resquers are the lawers group who will plead to make you mentally as well as financially ruined as long you will have a life. And the said Learned or Hou. Court will providing orders to obey according to the fake-pleadings just for money that is without receipt from both sides.

Please think, be brave to fight against the corrupt peoples. please be united make a organization to go to the open demostrations, seminners, blockmeetings even to Satyagraha like political or non-political movements. Think your opposite parties are not your enemy but the legal peoples. They are making them as such for the benefit of money-making market.