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hi 498 a crusader

i m facing 498a, 406, dv, 125

what ever i suggeted priya is something i would suggest my wife as well. what i have told priya is to move on and not make this case the be all and end all of her life.

the matrimonial litigations take so long to end because people have the feeling of being betrayed, hurt, wronged the idea of revenge just over powers gets so engrossed in this fight that he forgets the life is pasing him by. all the above negative idea poisons your soul and at the end of the fight there emerge two lossers ……….the spouses.

i request who so ever i get in contact not to loose ones soul and integrity in this fight. at the end of this fight you shoud emerge as a winner even if you end up loosing money.

there is this true story:

a boy around 25 fell in love and married a 18 yr old girl. they had a kid after around 4 yrs they got seprated not legally. after a couple yrs the boy accepted it was his fault and apologised for it albit in a rude manner. the girl refused to go back and filed 498.the boy filed a divorce this boy was a rich chap he started managing his funds as he was afraid he might have to pay huge alimony. he didnt expand his business coz he wanted to save his money. he got in to bad company and kind of riuned him self not financially but internally.

at the time of settle ment of alimony the judge asked the wife. beta this man has assets worth 10 cr how much do u want she said, nothing the judge said you have a child ,just reconsider your decission. she said i file an annual itr of 5 cr. i dont want his money.just imagine what would have gone thru that boys mind.

that girl who got married before her graduation resumed her studies after sepration and elevated her self to a position where she had herself earnt so much that money didnt matter to her.

she is still screwing him in 498a.

tell me who was the winner.

this a true story as told to me by a siffian. this boy is still around although i dont know his name or other details .

so be positive and As my GOOD friend says “COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS”