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Mr. Sstggn

I hope you read this well.

We spent on roka ceremony 1.5lacs + engagement 5lacs + wedding expenses 7lacs + cash after marriage to husband 5lacs =18.5lacs.

Litigation expenses –1.5lacs… total=20lacs.

Husband spended on marriage—2lacs. (neither he bought any clothes for himself or me or gave any gold to me.)

Marriage broke because of his greed for more money from my parents. Even if i ve lost 20lacs to him…still i am not asking that money….i am only asking now law to punish him and punish him for his greed and put him behind bars. Now that he realises that everything is against him…the law has realised he is the culprit so now he is ready to give alimony…which i ve refused to take…i am still deciding to fight the case and let justice prevail.

So sstggn i hope you know how money is earned by poor parents of the girl. I think you ve no respect for one’s money. We were not asking his money. We were asking for his deed to be punished…he only said take money and we refused. The guy who abused me physically and mentally in public and his family …u think i should have feelings for him…yes i did..because i was after all this trying to adjust with him but he deserted me and ran away to some other city and didn’t return ever after that. When my parents tried to resolve the matter my father in law straight away demanded 15lacs from my father to his horror. As we could not arrange such amount so we simply contacted guardians of justice and law. So if you know some gud girls with such huge amounts of cash available and if you have sympathy for my husband then you can get them married to my husband after he finishes his jail term….any more doubts????