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Hi kutiyakakhasam,

I am sorry i will not refrain myself from expressing my views…… atleast i am not abusing anybody like other genders. Infact i have decided to stop using this thread now. So please all of you suit yourself. The guys here were not bothered that i was

1) beaten up

2) abused badly

3) thrown out of the house

4) my parents abused and also beaten for money

5) he has taken away all my belongings and gold

6) they have sent some local Gundas to my father’s shop thrice to threat him to kill and saying that we are ready to accept your daughter if you give us 15lacs.

7) those guys are still saying today even..,,,,,we can accept you if you give us 15lacs instead of 20lacs demanded intitally. Can anyone believe this?

Alimony is the right provided by the law. I have demanded whatever …acc to law. Do i have no rights to ask my things back?

But what my husband and his family did to me……it was in accordance to which law? Is mal-treatment allowed….in continuing with YOUR ARGUMENTS WITH ME…THE REAL CULPRIT IS ENJOYING HIS FREEDOM AND GAINING STRENGTH TO CONTINUE HIS FOUL BEHAVIOUR. i just hope he does not punish some other woman like me.

All you guys have just stuck on alimony …if you dislike my opinion then question law …not me.

Do you guys think its easy for women like me to go in the court where all sorts of men give you embarrassing and scornful looks?

Do you think am i enjoying this?

Do you think i was born to steal other’s money?

i guess u guys wont understand… from now on i wont answer this thread because i dont see any sense in continuing here with biased people.

When i logged in this site…i never knew…this was Legal terrorism and Gender biased laws Victims community. But once i started getting responses contradictory to my real life supporters then i noticed i have landed up in wrong place. Its you guys who made me feel that i am unwanted here. Forget about NCW and etc….the change starts with an individual…when you people couldnt understand and comprehend my situation…i cant imagine that you guys can do something big for this nation apart from accusing innocent people. Thank God you guys are not guardians of law and are just mere members of this community.

Anyways keeping arguments aside, I wish all the men who responded and who would read this thread till the time its not deleted….. a bright and a happy future ahead.