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Hi Priya,

Would like to highlight the following things in your story –

1. You parents spent 20 LACs on your marriage which you are considering as a dowry and want a compensation in the form of Alimony to reduce burden on your poor parents

2. You are no more working because u dont want to go out and meet people

Now just think of the following obvious points arising out of the above 2 points –

1. Paying Alimony as per Indian law is looked after as a duty of the husband to maintain the wife and has got nothing to do with the wife’s parents. So your justification of reducing burden from your parents doesnt hold good here.

2. As you said you are no more working actually means that you were previously working and you are capable of working and earning on your own which you are not doing knowingly to gain the sympathy from Court.

3. You said dat you are not working because you dont want to go out and meet people. Do you think this is a sufficient reason for a educated and capable woman like you for quitting her job ?????

4. You say that your parents are facing a lot of burden while funding your court expenses and you expect your husband to understand that and pay you Alimony. I hate to say this but being a direct child of your parents it is first your duty to think of your parents and start doing your job and earn money again thereby supporitng them financially. You seem to be a very educated young lady and my suggestion to you is to quickly start utilising the education your parents have given you and its time for you to pay them back as well.

Hope you will understand the above points and this way you will not have to depend on your husband for supporting your parents financially. First its your duty to do that.