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its hard to believe on all the blames which ur making on ur husband…..just like to get a job u need to have certain qualifications then only u’ll get that job. similarly to put men behind bars n haraash them against 498 there are certain conditions in laws that men or his family or relatives should have done so many listed things which u have listed above, then only 498 will be applicable..and i think all of the men in this forum and those who r victims, have done the same thing (as per their beloved wife) which u have said….so ur not telling anything different.that ur honourable judge also know all thiese, only thing is he is bound by the law which is only favouring women. 90-98% of the 498 caes are false. i wish ur case is not among them…………… it looks same…..

so pls as told by other fighters, pls empower urself, be bold enough to stand on ur feets, go get ur own job, ur well educated, try to educate society against false 498. wth u’ll b getting after yrs of ur court struggle is ur so called pride. bt wht u loose is ur precious time of ur life which u wont get anytime. i hope ur age is between 25-28, so wht u ll be after 4-5 yrs of court struggle. just like u, ur husband is also having some money in his pocket which he may gave to our law, to langthen case anything can happen. wht u’ll be getting at ur age of 30 or 32 is victory against ur husband, his punishment, tht time u’ll be in heaven. bt socially u may have lost a lot

god bless u for ur so called success.