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I do appriciate Priya for staying till end fighting the case and winning it. It do teaches us that if you have the faith that you did not do any wrong you will win to the end. And what Priya said is also try that Justice still prevails and there is still some thing left there that we are all staying in the society.

But i also have a question to priya only if she respects the law and justice. If her husband has done mistake he is bound to get the punishment, But also the law says that giving dowry is also offense. So will she be ready to send her parents to jail for giving dowry. And is that not the reason why it ended up as compromise.

Can you tell what the conditions you put and ur husband put together to put this to closer. And please give the truth as it will help many people on this forum to end this struggles and move on with there lifes

As the world is too small nowadays and at the same time the life too. We are not against anyone priya all i want or anyone want is to move on in life if we cannot go together. Since tomorrow if you want to start your new life the person sharing should think that you have punished ur ex-husband and you may do the same to him and you end up living comparmised life from day one. I wont wish that. so please tell us your thoughts

Sorry if i have written anything that hurts you. Its just my personal opinions.

IF you see the West culture has gone through this 100years back and thats the reason why now they have equal laws for both women and men. Its not far that India also will come to that point, Best eg: is latest SC order that girl and boy staying together is not against law. This is there in western culture from long time. So its just matter of time but that rules will come and then you will have to give equal rights and respect to both men and women and that how the life should be.