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Dear Mehra,

Yes, you are right that a victim get exited or becomes emotional in this legal-situation or civil administrative regulations as well. But to fight to the said opportunistic people of the misguided women, rather it is better to say the vulnerable women are being the prey of police and legal-people destroying their family, society and at last them-selves. It is the best option; the male victims should be guided by as well as supported by ours like organizations. if the real male or female victims are being provided the sound moral public support directly, at the same time the victims get training for the same, then the legal people and the police will not dare or get scope to exploit the in-fighting both sides.

The most of the situation are architected by the legal-people.

I think every-bodies are adult and educated enough to find their enemies to ruin the families as well as the society only to earn money; most of the amount is officially black money.

However, I want to get legal guides and procedures with proper written rules in this concern.

Please provide me the same at your earliest.