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Hi Priya,

I read all the Question and answer . Give me answer of my question.

If any girl is qualified (wel educated) and sele confident and working in job.

Why should her parent give dowry ?

and Why they give ?

As you write here lot of things , you write about your father spent lacs in your marriage , Why ? He should go for Simple marraige , and other hand if your father gave to you lot of things why you accepted ?

Now, Why onlt the man is responsible for everything ? Your father give dowry and you brought . How your husband is faulty all of this . Now see judiciry – You can file on your husband and his family member many case – like – DV and 498a and other maintence . But Wht abt your husband and there is no punishment for you and yopur parents for giving dowry. If your parents spent lacs on your marry , Then also Your husbansd’d parent also spent lacs, Now you will get money from your husband thru biased system. But wht your husband spent , From where he will get . You are thinking only in one way . Think in all way, you will see how our system is biased. If you have any child , you can get his/her custody easily and live with child . But wht about father , if he want to meet own child he need the permission of court , what the hell of our system. If a lady can’t live without child, how child’s father can live , you think any thime on it. you are telling now most of people are speaking wrong , No – they are wrong, they are telling same thing ,in which hell they are suffering , you can cry everytime and everywhwre and get symphty of peoples / court. But wht about husbansd/father – you think every time how much pain they are getting / feeling. I reauest to you Don’t think bad. you write here your point and want to tell other. but you should listen others points also

Mukesh Soni