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Emergency :

Hello Everyone,

My passport has been Impounded by the Govt. here yesterday because they received a notice from Indian Embassy.

As you all know, I received a Impounding order from Indian Embassy, Suriname, on Friday, 5th Feb, asking me to appeal at Patilia House, I did that by Monday, 8th Feb, through a lawyer.

the Passport Officer from Indian Embassy, 2 wks after appeal has informed the Govt. here about the Impounding Order, they have taken away my passport and planning to Deport me to India.

I tried to reach CPO, he is on Holiday [ Friday ], the person-in-charge, is not ready to write a letter to this Govt. he is telling us wait for CPO [ Tuesday ] because Eid on Saturday and Holi on Monday both Holidays.

My only chance is on Tuesday, I don’t know what to do, is there anyone who can stop this ‘Nonsense’ please help me, as I am left with only Saturday.

Thanks, Rajababu.