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Pls find attached a useful survey report that I came across while searching on internet. The survey as far as I understood was conducted by some Women biased NGO. But still the survey outcomes are interesting. Pls find below the summary –

1. 1 out of 1000 DV cases get reported by the victims

2. Only 2 out of 100 cases does the accused get convicted.

3. Conviction chances are there only if accused are having 304B or 302 along with 498A.

4. Till date none of the accused having only 498A is convicted.

5. It is difficult for the prosecutor to provide evidentiary proof of cruelty and mental torture. Specially when the victim is still alive.

6. In most cases where there is a acquittal at district court, the cases are not taken up at the higher courts.

7. Most of the accused, police, judges and lawyers catagorically say that “educated and independent minded women misuse the law”

Internet link to the survey report – .org/PDF/ Research% 20-%20498A. pdf

Am sure the above points will definitely bring some peace of mind to all of you. Thank God internet was there