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If he do the housework and look after kids will you pay all the BILLS of home ?

if yes, ask him to change the role.

How much you help him in his office work or whatever work he do…?

women should know her place and responsibility instead question her husband what he do. you never know how hard he try to feed many mouths and run home. you may think cleaning and cooking is BIGgest work in the world.

You say u r affraid to go out then who is bringing all the groceries…?

Learn to give something and im sure he will realise and return it sooner than later.

do not try to look everything in green eyes, if someone says wrong to you, just says Thank you, Same to you

Do not HATE, try to findout why he is so. Love him without expecting anyting and you will be loved in return.

Marriage is not BED of roses, there are thorns too.