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Have you checked if your cousin is at fault because of which the husband avoids her ? According to you , a wife should know the monthly salary of the husband more than anything else and your cousin does not know that , is that her biggest concern ? How can a child start hating her father and grandparents unless someone poisons her mind against them ? This has been done by your cousin for sure . She is hated by her own family and now avoided by her husband since she has now become a legal burden on him ? Why is it that her own brother and father who are related to her by birth washing their hands off all responsibilities and property rights , why do they want her to be a burden on her husband who is only legally connected ?

The husband is earning money for them and doing all his duties , what else does she want him to do , he is dpoing this inspite of the fact she has poisoned the mind of the child against her paternal family and father.

If she is financially dependent then the father must be made to pay maintenance to the daughter because he messed up her daughter and brought up a burden . Husband is doing his job and he is not a fault here for not telling what his monthy salary is which seems to be the biggest bone of contention here .