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Hi Admin,

You are misunderstanding every bit of word which I am saying.

I don’t hate any living creature in this world made by god.. & about physical involvement I wrote like that bcoz I thought that might be the rules of this forum may not permit the word Sex or Sexual relationship & people may not like the sentence.

Physical Union AKA Sexual relationship is a very integral part of a married life & so I think if someone hates it for any reason then He/she have some psychological problem related to it. I wanted to say that here the Guy is reluctant to it & does not want to have anything as he thinks that If he had sex with his wife he will hurt his Parents..

She was really hurt by the pregnancy as she never got any time to know her husband or in-laws b4 getting into this responsibility. She only had sex 1-2 times after marriage that too when she insisted for it & her husband told her that he does not know how to use any protection so she got pregnant so early. In the months of pregnancy her husband never asked her how she is getting thru it & even he started abusing her when she asked him to sometimes keep a hand on his forehead to show love towards her or her child which was about to be born..

By Helping during pregnancy I meant household works & tensions. She was never happy during the pregnancy as no one even asked her If she is fine or not.. The tensions & problems during that time directly affect the child’s mind in the tummy. I know clearly that the labor pains can’t be shared by anyone.. But just imagine the time when the girl was in labor pain & her MIL was scolding her that she shud keep quite so that the neighbors would not come to know that they are going to have a baby in thr home.

Just imagine the situations & think for urself what was her condition when she was in pain & no one was even touching her.. Her In-laws called her parents to come & take her to hospital as they did not want to waste the money in the hospital & nurses.

At that time her husband was just taking coaching for the students on the ground floor of the same building but he didn’t came out as his students were more important than his wife & to be born child.

After her daughter was born her husband just came to the hospital & talked to his parents as he only came to visit them not his wife or child. & he even didn’t saw the child’s face.

About her parents, They are scared that if she took a divorce then what the society will say. & then thr Son is married just a yr ago & they don’t want to hurt thr Son & Daughter-n-law otherwise who will keep them later.

Her parents say that she can take a panchayat Divorce if she wants but they won’t ask for any money for the child’s maintenance or hers. They say that If she want maintenance then either she must go back to her husband or she must give her daughter away.

They think that if the daughter is with her then they may have problem keeping her & thr Son’s married life will be disturbed.

Her brother wants the whole property of thr father & don’t want to share it with anyone. He says that right now he is having a wfe & later he will have kids & if the property or house is divided between two he will not be able to give his kids the whole enjoyments of life..

She said that she don’t want any money or property but just a support from them. But then her brother is not even ready to support mentally as he he and his wife thinks thr freedom will go away regarding the father’s property.

Parents don’t want to go out of thr Son’s wish as they think that the society will give them a bad name that bcoz of daughter’s happiness they hurt thr Son.

About her child, She never said a wrong word about anyone & this I am 10000% confident as I know her. Her daughter saw her friend’s parents & couples everywhr.

She is 7 yrs & her father never took her atleast to a zoo in the neighborhood. She everytime see her friends playing with thr father but her father don’t even talk to her 10 mins in a day or a week or a month.

That guy is ready to go for a panchayat divorce but for any court settlement even Mutual, he is not ready as everyone in her in-laws think that going to court will waste thr money & they have to give her & the child monthly maintenance too.. They want a separation in which they don’t have to give anything to her or the child. & her father thinks that asking for maintenance will lead to his bad reputation over the society so he also don’t want to mutually go for the divorce instead they also want that panchayat divorce.

It is a fact that after the panchayat settlement both of them cannot remarry until they have a court divorce & he would not give the monthly maintenance to her or her child so she is now worried that whr would she go if her Brother anytime in future asks her to leave the house.

Second thing is If the guy remarries then no one would do any case from her side but if she remarried then they would file a case against her at any cost & will take a profit from her family in that case too..

I think you might have understood what I wanted to say…

For any other info about the matter feel free to ask & I will tell you but plz don’t misunderstand anything & give wrong words for my Cousin who is innocent, as it hurts me that today having so much broad mentality in our Society & country a girl is suffering & then too people are thinking wrong about her…

Its not everytime true that if everyone is against you that means that you are the main culprit. Sometimes the culprit is the one whom no one can afford to upset & due to that the innocent has to bear the punishment…

Plz show me the way to help her..