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I am sure its not about your cousin, its a Story of your own,right ?

No women will tell how many she had sex, as you told they had sex only 1-2 times, if he had more then you would have branded him as Rapists…Right ?

Todays women think, when she is married husband has to pay all her bills, and MIL has to cook and clean for her.and husband should use protection, such should not get marry.

Do not blame her husband family for every fault, she get what she gave.As per i know and as per Indian customs in most of the communities 1st pregnency will be at her Mothers house,so why she did not went to her mother place…?

If her Brother think if property is divided what he will feed to his family, is his problem, why she is not asking her share, she has right to claim it from Father

Read this

6. Devolution of interest in coparcenary property.-(1) On and from the commencement of the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005, in a Joint Hindu family governed by the Mitakshara law, the daughter of a coparcener shall,-

(a) by birth become a coparcener in her own right in the same manner as the son;

(b) have the same rights in the coparcenary property as she would have had if she had been a son;

(c) be subject to the same liabilities in respect of the said coparcenary property as that of a son,

We are not biased, to any gender,but when you blame men for all faults people react accordingly.

What her husband want,and how they want their divorce and maintenance is secondary, if she is ready for Divorce, she can appeal in court siting cruelty on her, she will get Divorce and maintenance accordingly.