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Thxx for your advice & I will reciprocate the same to her but the problem is her Father & Brother are not helping her.

She is in Jaipur & I am in Bangalore. I told her so many times that You come to Bangalore & I will help you in getting Job & everything but then If she do this her Father will not permit her to even come to Bangalore with me…

About talking to her Husband they have done this numerous times & then they take her back & again the daily routine like that starts as it was from the past 8 yrs… Nothing changes anytime.

According to me thr may be 2 reasons for that.

1. He is having an Extra Marital affair

2. He is a Gay.

In 1st case We can’t find out & as her parents & bro is also not supportive we can’t go ahead in any matter…

In 2nd case He is not even ready to show to any Psychiatrist or a Sexologist to find out.

She is in Dilemma what to do & what not to.

Right now her daughter’s exams are going on till 13th March so I will ask her to talk to you..

Any further help would be highly appreciated.

Thxx a lot.