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Hi Administrator,

I think you are not even reading what I am writing in the posts.

I am feeling very sorry to see ur thinking about women. Even if you have read & understood correctly first 2 paragraphs of my 2nd post you would not have said that rapist thing.

Second about My Cousin, She is in Jaipur, 31 yrs of age, A housewife with a child of 7 yrs.. & I am in Bangalore, 26 yrs unmarried & working in an MNC as a Software Engineer.. If you want my Contact details to verify I am OK with it too… & this I am saying bcoz I don’t want anyone to misunderstand anything like what you are thinking right now.

One more thing, If this would have been happened to me I would never have come to any forum like this coz My parents & uncles love me a lot and would never let me get into this trouble at all..

About Sex, Yes she told me everything about what she did to convince him.. She told me that she also did some seducing tricks on her husband as told by her friends so that He may take interest in her… & Me or her, We don’t think this to be a wrong thing to talk about. She is telling me & not going to have it with any other guy.. But if a guy would have been in this position right now He would have either took divorce by now or would have gone to any other women for Sex, for sure….

About her, She is not a girl who do shopping or lie on Bed the whole day & thinks that her husband should pay bills & MIL should cook food… In fact her MIL never even take her foot inside the kitchen. About her husband, Paying bills is a very far away Case, He even don’t Care about getting her a salwaar kurta when her clothes are torn away.. They are always taken care by her parents as Her Husband thinks that It is not at all his responsibility & her parents are responsible even If she is his Wife.

About not going to the Mother’s house.. If her MIL had allowed her she would have gone but Why would she allow her.. Otherwise she would have to cook food by herself or have to keep a maid & then who would pay for the maid.

About first child birth, I would say I have not seen it in my society or community.. It is depended upon the Girl’s In-laws what they want. I am the eldest child in my House & My mother or any aunt didn’t went to thr parent’s house during first or any pregnancy & same for our Paternal Aunts(Buajis) who didn’t came to our grandparents during thr pregnancy.. So ur point is invalid in this case.

About Responsibilities, You are right “it should be mutual, without expecting anything in return. but both should know their responsibilities.”

But first tell me what do you understand by responsibilities. Is it only that a girl shud do anything that her husband wants but the husband does not even take time for her or the child..

For him His wife does not exist.. He says by his own mouth that “If anyone is friendly to his Wife or keeping his wife happy He is just Hurting his Parents..”

Now can you related the words of this statement together.

What is the relation of Being happy with wife & hurting parents. If the guy is sensible he can keep track of his parents happiness as well as his wife & kids.. But His thinking is “If he does Sex with his wife His mother would be angry at him or get Hurt.”

You are saying about No IFs in a marriage, But what IF he does not even understand Ifs & Buts…

For him, Marriage was only done bcoz His Mother & father wanted a DIL or so called “Bahu” for them to take care of them, To wash thr clothes, Cook for them, keep thr house clean & all…

For him all his responsibilities towards his wife started the time they were getting married & stopped at the point of time the marriage ceremonies got over.

I am telling you everything so clearly but then too you are just not understanding anything & trying to prove me & my cousin Wrong.

She did everything for him since last 8 yrs & just asked for some love towards her, 5-10 mins in a day to talk to her.. Just a little time for the child… If this is wrong in your eyes then I think I am the fool who came to this forum for help.

I know You just are not going to listen to anything I say & will tell me several mistakes in my post. If you don’t want to help then I would request you to delete my post & thread from your Forum as I don’t want people to have a wrong idea about the situation & say dirty things about my Cousin as u are just manipulating & playing with words to prove me wrong.

Thxx anyways..