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Hi Administrator,

Thxx for your kind words in the last post… But I would say don’t try to link anything which is not even linkable.

Just read once again what I said & try to understand it in simple English.

Whatever my cousin told me about his behavior with her, from that I wrote:

“According to me(NOTE), thr may be 2 reasons for that.

1. He is having an Extra Marital affair

2. He is a G’ay.

In 1st case We can’t find out & as her parents & bro is also not supportive we can’t go ahead in any matter(Like hiring a detective or something)…

In 2nd case He is not even ready to show to any Psychiatrist or a Sexologist to find out(whether he is having a sexual problem or an orientation problem).”

Whatever I suspect is, If he is having an EMA then anyhow he is fulfilling his Sexual desires from that second lady & so not ready to give my cousin all the rights of a Wife as he does not feel anything for her.. And in that case a simple lie that ‘he does not know how to use a condom’ is a very small thing for him..

If this EMA case is true then anyhow he intentionally didn’t use any protection giving that absurd reply to make her pregnant in the first time so that everyone would not force him regarding child or wife… In that Case it is very much possible that He is pretending to be like that & telling all this crap that he thinks “If anyone is friendly to his Wife or keeping his wife happy He is just Hurting his Parents..” Or “If he does Sex with his wife His mother would be angry at him or get Hurt.”

Or Second case is If he is really a G’ay then he is simply not interested in a lady & so he does not show any interest in her..

The simple thing which I wanted to say is A guy who is living like that from past 8 yrs is not a simple guy at all to understand.. I just wanted to know some way to help her when she does not even have money to go to a Lawyer…

Whatever you said in last post is very much appreciable as it may help us to proceed further…

Thxx a lot…