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Hi Administrator,

First of all plz tell me frm whr did you got to know my name…

Actually My Nickname is Tanuja & I was trying to keep the username Tanuja only but somehow it became Tanua..


I just came home from office & was just trying to talk to my Cousin but she is not right now picking up the call so may be I’ll talk to her in the night if she is free(As her daughter’s exams are going on so she had to sit with her for studies.)

I will tell her all this talks & ask her what does she finally wants.

As far as she told me up-til now She wants a Divorce as it is mentally disturbing her a lot. & eventually she fears that She will go mad or commit suicide in the due course of time & then what will happen to her daughter after her.

About her Husband, I am not branding him something but I am just concerned about the suspicious activities which she told me he does everytime..

Sometimes when she wakes up in the morning at 4-5 she sees her husband not in the home & it is his habit that he is not at home without telling anyone 4 days a week…

He goes out of town frequently & whenever he goes he colors his hair & do things like that which makes her feel like he is hiding something.(This is also an example so don’t take it in a literal meaning)

Leave all these things, Even if anything is the case, then too she can live like that If He agrees to pay attention towards him & spends atleast half an hour a day quality time with her. She says If he really cares for her then at least he can talk to her while having food or tea or breakfast…

But He is just mentally harassing her day by day & She can’t live like that for ever…

Her father & bro are giving her wrong info about the Laws related to Divorce & child custody which are again acting as a depressing agent for her mind..

And now I am really very much concerned bcoz on Saturday she talked to me & cried a lot saying that she is feeling a lot like committing Suicide & If anything happened to her who will take responsibility of her child.

Plz don’t take any of my words wrong this time.. But I am just asking to help a Genuine innocent lady who is my Cousin.

I know today laws are made to harass men and are biased towards Women welfare even if the woman is wrong… But this has just made the situation more worse for those Women who are being harassed by thr In-laws & husband… Those who are innocent face the wrath of the society & people think that they are just trying to take the advantage of the Judicial system which is biased. In a case of an Innocent lady No one listens to what she wants to say but in a case of a dominating women she never allows anyone to go against her.

So the innocent is now also getting harassed & the women who are Culprits are leading the Cases as ever…

Thr are much more things which right now also are unsaid here.. I can tell you each and everything which I know.. But anywhr I couldn’t find her husband behaving Normal with her or her parents…

I request you to understand everything & then say anything.