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Hi Admin,

I had a talk with my cousin last night & She told me that her mother talked to her father regarding the issue..

Her Mother told her father that right now He is not counting the issue with its seriousness without seeing the pros & cons in the future. But this issue is very very big & if thr daughter did something wrong in the course of the time, then they would only regret thr negligence towards her..

Yesterday evening her father talked to her regarding every problem that she is facing with her In-laws & husband.. He said that He will once again talk to her husband regarding the issue to see whether he is interested in the married life or not interested at all… If he is ready to talk then he will ask him to mend his wrong doings towards her…

He said that He will have a pure unbiased talk with him & his Father that what is his real problem related to marital things.. If her Father gets a satisfied reply from thr side then he would ask them to help them solve the issue but If not he will ask them to give a divorce..

Regarding Money his father now understood that this matter is very serious so he is now ready to help her in any circumstance as she has already suffered 8 yrs without saying a word. About maintanence, Her father said a clear ‘NO’ bcoz he is self sufficient to take care of her daughter & her Grand-daughter without any one’s help.

I just thought to tell this info here so as all can get a idea what is going on right now.

NOTE: One more thing I wanted to say, If anyone has any problem in understanding any word in English then plz tell me, I will translate every post of mine in Hindi so that I may not get any absurd replies like the last one.