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Yes you are right. She is the one to decide.. & I am happy that her father understood the seriousness of the issue…

Until now he was taking it as a simple domestic or couple fight… But when her mother told him the real scenario which is going on, he was convinced that without a sitting talk between both the Families they will not do any good to thr daughter… Earlier also they had talks 4-5 times but then the problem was not solved as no one ever thought of separation or Divorce..

One more thing, About an unbiased 3rd party, The in-laws including the husband don’t want any 3rd person to interfere or even sit with them in any talk as they don’t like talking in front of any other person…. So First her father wants to talk calmly with them. If they become unmanageable then they will surely ask someone who is unbiased to sit with them for the talk…

I just want to see her happy So I hope everything goes smooth…