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Yes I agree with you all,

firstly the result of my 498 has not yet come… but during the prosecution and behavior of judge my lawyer understood n told that the case is in our hand and the verdict will be from our side….based on 498 i can quash (may not be correct word, bt finish) 125 also, as 498 is false….I’m very clear that i cant live with that unfaithful lady…..the only thing i can do is to show some such examples so that my relatives can also feel the pain n agony what I’m feeling…….she is trying to pressurize my parents. I being the only son of parents, they r afraid of my future so they also come in her tune……inspite of being rolled in 498.

can u please provide any such examples where X- 498 wife, took advantages n did illegal things so that her in-laws or husband came into problems…I know you will all laugh at my these comments. but plzzzz help me in this….she is not going to give me divorce as she already told everybody…….n i also feel the same that she will not agree for divorce atleast so early so not applied for divorce yet….I cant apply for restitution of conjugal rights, as she may come immediately. so i want to punish her legally. with your such examples I can convince my parents @ the worst future that may come if she is brought back. As everybody know, this is the best forum which gives the best consultation n citation in all types of legal activities. The judgments which I got from this forum @ 125 are also helping me to convince the 125 court that false cases n professionally qualified women r not getting maintainance. so I may get maintainace for child only as my lawyer says..

so kindly help n guide me in this situation.