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keep confidence in you. your relative not going to live with her. it syou have to live with nagin for 14 hr a day. with in four wall how such wive only husband can understand. but her cannot express in word . you don’t need to convince to anybody. take a decision on your own. work on maintenance case. try to she should not get anything.

after geting IPC 498a trail you had not got lesson. again she file any case after coming then again you will fight t he case .. Unto how many years you will not take the decision.. learn to live the life without wife. wife is not an essential part of life. wife is not need to complete the mens life. 498a wife is bloodsucker like leach.

when you marry you donot know Law depth.. correct !!

nOw you know the depth of Law and Judges and Lawyer Still you want to live with Wife >> i wonder……

in two faces of wife What she is behaving before court is true face !! rest all her faces are dummy to save her images in Society. Keep the attitude to fight Back…. incourt.

w===>Nagin is like CD in CD player . which has multiple remote controls. one control is with her Lawyer. anather must be wither parents. one is with who have given suggestion of 498a !!! and you want to play that CD in your CD player properly…>> manually.