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If you two are living together then you need not panic or worry much.

As your wife and her parents to consult their lawyer(who has filed 125 on their behalf) to withdraw the case.

You already know what your wife has done to you, so nothing wrong in being cautious but that doesn’t mean you should be suspicious of whatever she does, that will jeopardize your relationship further.

Am also affected my wife cruel act and facing lots of ordeal. Am happy to see that your wife filed just 125 whereas my wife as filed 498a,125 and then DV too.

Be cautious and begin again to build your relationship stronger.

Dear Members,

Let our suggestion be constructive for broken relation. Yes, we are all victims of cruel laws which women are using against us, but in this case his wife may be really wanted to live with him, any misguidance to him will break their relationship now.