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Dear Members of the Forum,

I am sincerely thankful to Mr Ganesh,Dr.Dsouza, Mr Rajkumar and Adv.Kachave for their valuable advice. Actually I have received the petition from the court alongwith “summon”. Since there is no date anywhere on the petition or even on the date of issue of summon, I am not certain whether any summon were issued in the past. As per my knowledge, my wife had filed the case in Sep 2009 and while rejoining in Dec 09 she told me that they would not chase the case and it will automatically drop. I am not sure what instruction they have given to their lawyer. Anyhow I’m not in a position to confront her before I attend the summon as the contents of petition received are all false and disturbing. So Im keeping shut. Quietly, I will attend the court and produce evidence that she is residing with me.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks to all.