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Dear Friends

Thank God ! My wife has agreed to withdraw the case filed by her at station X. Now I seek advice on the modus operandi as to what are the formalities to be done by her and how it can be settled in the minimum possible time.

As you all know the female folk are generally fickle mind, they change their decision every morning. There is hardly any time left for the hearing and she is staying with me at a station Y. please advise:-

1. if she appears in front of Class I judicial Magistrate in the present location and gives an affidavit to withdraw the case and the same is handed over to the court on or before the date of hearing, will it be sufficient?

2. can the petition be taken back by the lawyer by submitting the Affidavit before the date of hearing?

3. can both petitioner (wife) and respondent (myself) avoid physical presence in the court (in order to save money). As my wifes’ lawyer will present the affidavit mentioned at serial 1 in the court.

4. Do I need to hire a separate lawyer for myself?

kindly give your expert advise earliest