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Hai friends,

Extremely thankful for your spontaneous response to help me. We have already passed through all that ordeal five years ago and obtained anticipatory bail before hand. Now the 498a case is in appeal stage. We are fixed in a high level conspiracy and with a minister backing them up, the perpetrators used influence in our department.

Within a week of registering the case in the police station, the Head Constable (who claimed to have completed the investigation) wrote a letter to our office stating that a prima-facie case exists. All this has happened one and half years before my retirement. Our office took the contents of that letter to be a Gospel truth and stopped all my service benefits as stated in my first reference.

Now the point of doubt is “whether a case u/s 498a has any bearing on the service matters of a Central Govt. employee and if ‘yes’ – to what extant?”

I feel that it is highly ridiculous and ludicrous to link them (especially when I am only A2, the father of A1 and my son is self dependent and I have absolutely no control over his personal affairs)

I shall be highly grateful, if some kind of a reference or verdict is made available, by any learned judiciary or legal fraternity, to save a senior citizen from starvation at this oldage.

With Regards,

yours sincerely,