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Though more than 7 months have elapsed since my last posting, I haven’t received any advice or direction from any of our brethren. I have been searching in various forum(s) through internet to find out some advice or at least a convincing reply to console me. To my utter disappointment, I could not find even a single case where ‘a case u/s 498a is connected to CCS (CCA) Rules of a Central Govt. employee.’ I personally feel that this is one more unjust and brutal action of our Law makers in making Govt. servants more vulnerable to the blood-sucking wives. Except the own version of the estranged wife of my son, there is nothing on record to show or testify the so called harassment or cruelty. Recently, I have come across an order of ‘CAT New Delhi ‘ in the case of a senior member of SIF shri Jogeshwar Mahanta, wherein a mention about some clarification of Ministry of Law was noticed. Is there any way to know whether there could be any ” nexus between a case u/s 498a (whether false or true) and the CCS(CCA) Rules of Central Govt. ” causing forfeiture of all service benefits of every kith and kin of the husband or at least “a copy of the clarification of the Min. of Law ” in this regard.