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The status at present is after it was proved that we were not guilty my brother had sent application for divorce from abroad which was put in front of court and was accepted by jugge. Initially the didnot receive the summon sent by court rather we got copy of another complaint send to NCW by wife of my brother and after few days another from crime branch chandighar. 4 dates in court have passed and till date they or their advocate has not replied to the application submitted by us in court. On 3rd date judge said call the boy in India, he should go for reconsillation and only then the court will move further with the case, otherwise the case will be dismissed. In reply to this my brother sent a registered letter to judge that due to some reasons he cannot come to India at present and after what she and her family has done he is not willing for reconsilation. After that another date was given i.e in July. Now some legal people say that the complaints against us doesnot make solid grounds for divorse and secondly the girl and her parents will hang u up in court and will not come to any settlement. It is not that people have not tried to patch up the things but father-in-law says that he wants to see us in jail. and he is trying this using his position, power and money. suggest me further what is our future.