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All that you are mentioning is pretty standard stuff in Indian courts. Judges always try for reconciliation and waste time, as they are bound to do so by law. If you stick by what you believe in, the case moves forward whether the girl’s parents like it or not.

Please remember that Sec.498A is a criminal complaint and if it has been proved false, then harassment and cruelty are the automatic assessments. But you have to have a lawyer who pursues it, because courts always have a bend towards the girl. You have to bring to the court that the marriage is irretrievably broken because of her actions which have caused you humiliation in society, harassment and you now can no longer trust her. The term in law is danger to life and limb.

Please also remember that these cases take time as judges are reluctant to hurry them along and come to a judgement. Judges try to wear down both parties, hoping that they will come to a mutual agreement and save the judge from making a judgement on breaking a marriage. So be patient and don’t give up.

The silver lining is that the courts and our country does not belong to a girl’s parents, so what they think and want is not necessarily what happens. They are ways and means to handle the situations, but they all take time. Money position and power are not necessarily what move these cases, so have patience and handle these times with strength and dignity. Times like these also always pass, like everything else in life.

warm regards

sanjay mehra