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The Mediation failed in family court. So the case will again start at the court. I have been waiting eagerly for getting my son custody atleast for the weekend and his holliday vacation. There is already interim custody application in the court.

I would like to know what is going to happen in next few dates? All formality were over.Since april 2010 My case

has not gone ahead and only mediation happened.

My Lawyer says now there will be appearance in the court. So one date will go on this and I will get another date.

I feel very bad just to see my son for 4 hours on sunday. If I start getting his custody I will be able to fight divorce case as well as 498a case without any pain.

I feel the Laws are totally against father, father does not have much right to look after his son ?

Kindly advise me how to get more and more custody of my son?