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I am santosh(name changed) i have concerned regarding divorce, on June 18, 2009 i got registered marriage(love marriage) in my marriage only my friends and my wife side her mother and relatives 5 members that’s it came to my marriage in temple, my wife father is not staying with her family he is alone staying from last 15 years my side my parents is not agreed for marriage, regarding this matter my wife brothers r giving tourcher to my wife before marriage after marriage she is staying with her parents in her house but i am staying in my house, i told to her regarding this before marriage only i am having some financial problem after 2 years will marry first i want to settled in life afterwards will marry i told but he told to me my brothers are giving tourcher to me i cant wait he told so we married from July 2009 to till i am not getting salary from my bank(icicibank) regarding this i filed a case aginst consumer court as well as civil court still not decided the this case also my wife giving tourcher to me to stay with separately he is telling so that time i saved a money for chit(cheeti)every month i am paying for that 4k, thatone i taken back the money and given advance to house(30k) we stay separately every month (from August 2009 to January 2010) in marriage also i gave gold(mangalyam) for 30K given to him but single rupee he did n’t pay for me for my marriage full myside only we paid. i am not getting salary also every month i borrow the money fropm my friends an handling the family suddenly January 2010 my father got heart attack my mother called to me he told it happen that time my wife is created one story in this u wnat to see ur father u want to give agreement(in writing) say that (now u want to go and see ur fatehr means in future never see ur family and don’t speak with them) he told to me but i told for operation it should be 2.5lakh from my insurance we operated for that purpose he created one story and he called her mother and brother and created one big fight near to house after wards i called to my friends who are all came to my marriage i called them my friend also told some advices to her but he is not agreeing for that and he remove mangalyam and telling i am not loved him i am not agree for(force) marriage for his courtesy i married that’s it, i want divorce he told like that suddenly me and my friends or shocked. that time next to house peoples are came and advice to her, regarding this i gave complaint to police station and he done enquiry for her mother and my wife that time he told i go to her home for 2 days and i will come back he told for that i agree and i send it to her house, after wards i went to my home after 2 days i got accident i got stitched for right upper stomach for 5 stitches that time my friends called her told he told to me that still u r not died i am waiting for ur died he told like that suddenly i cut the call. again i called and i told to come for house but he is telling to me i will not come and stay with u i want to stay with u means i want agreement u will not see ur family he asked but i told he is not possible to give the agreement why i want to givwe the agreement anything happen for ur family also i want to see try to understand the situation i don’t want thta and all i want i told i am not getting the salary also try to understand he told he is telling giving the money for ur family is posible but when i asked the money that time u have not having the money he told like that but i told to him that is insurance money she is not agree for that only.

so i am staying separately for house i cant able to pay monthly rent no body is their so changed the house i stay with my family ans she is stay with her family but he didn’t came when i am changing the house also i called to stay with me but he is not teeling to agree with when i staying she is telling that where i will tell that side only u want to stay with me and i want luxury life i dont want poor life u well getthe salary means give to me for maintaining 15k every month she is teeling to me that is impossible i told (for 1 month he is asking for two members he want 15k). afterwards he came to my parents house and scolding for me and family in road side my father she is not recovered still he came from hospital yesterday only that time i am in office he gave the complaint to my family and for me as telling that he is giving tourcher to me and he is not staying with me he lived me and went away he gave the complaint to me in police station get enquiry and told to until ur judgement came which is filed in court upto that dont go separately u stay with family in 4days and go for 3 days my wife house he told created NC close the complaint i agree for that and came afterwards he called and telling don’t come to my house she told like that afterwrads in february he is give a call and giving tourcher to me telling bad words like february i got operated for appendicities and also in big intestine the small intestine as colloided so it be removed to me and i got 15 stitches for me in the lower section of stomach when i admitted that time i am getting giddiness, like that hospital people told to sign for the procedure that time only he called to my cellphone(nurse is having my mobile that time) he asked who are u he asked for nurse he told that ur husband has admitted in hospital come soon she told like that but my wife nopt came for hospital for further also the nurse called to my parents ur son has been admitted in hospital come soon serious he told my parents came that time i am in coma for 7 hours i ams earching for my wife but he didn’t came he came after 2 days and telling that nobody told to me its happen to me like this i am in ICU that time also he is telling that give the money i am not having money and the nurse scolded and sent it from hospital afterwards 2 dyas i am in ward that time he came and telling to me that ur parents not given to see me for ur care he is scolded and fight in hospital he is telling like that, and she went away from hospital. afterwards doctor told him to my parents that to me also dont use mobile phone for a few days he will agin u will get tension means u will get stroke otherwise ur life will be spoiled like that and upto 3-4 months u want to take liquid foods and for 1 year no need to touch the weights he told to me after again he giving the tourcher one by phone he is telling that i dont want stay with u i want maintenance or divorce, one time he will tell like that another time he will tel like i will give this matter to televison and he gave the complaint for diffrent police station of near 4-5 station but in that all station in favour of me only but he is telling that upto august 2010 ur time afterwards my time will go now u escape from police station after u will stay with me that time i wil put a cas against u and ur family permanently u will stay in jail he is telling black mail i have the i want to stay with her this type of matter as been done.

My question is:

1. When i am having money that time he will be their i am not having money she left me

2. Life means both will be share like good and bad, when i am in hospital she didn’t came to see, in i continue to my life with her means when again anything happen means it will besee

3. I want to go for divorce r what for this situation

4. when in august i will stay separately means why he can go for suicide and put 498a against me is possible

5. I have the all records of this case

6. i go and put a cse against him to get divorce give suggestion ahat are trhe steps i want to take

7. He went and filed aginst me in 4-5 police station in different police station different complaints

8. Now i dont have money nobody is coming to see him for them i take a loan(her home purpose) and i am paying for that she is telling ur responsibility i cant pay that she is telling

9. I don;t have any children and she is not working any where

10. mainly i am having doubt her age in ration card her age is 22 according to 2006, in marks card different , in registered office while marriaging( age should be 23 years) is different .

Re[ply me and do the needful

Thank you