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The best thing for you would be to get a copy of the FIR and on that basis of ti file for an anticipatory bail.

If your wife puts false allegation on you and if she fails to prove it during the cross examination then things will be worse for her, so do not worry much.

You may also explain the matter and get in touch with local authorities , write down a brief of your situation and distribute to all. and get a received copy from everyone. send a copy to the President of India also through registered post.

Get in touch and build relation with the ASI and IC and OC. Meet the ASP, SP and IG. If there is a woman cell ‘Asha Counselling’ usually it is there in the Police Station , then meet the OC over there, explain the matter to her (usually the OC at Asha Counselling is a female officer). Always take the matter in writing .

You have to help your self a lot, forget everything and just focus on this problem. gather evidence like:recordings, photos, videos, letters, prescriptions, almost anything and everything. Get determined to tackle this situation. Do not get afraid, tensed or depressed. Maintain your health as health is wealth.