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I am Zeeshan , Delhi, Married on 12/10/2010. I have a son DOB (29/8/2009).

Sir, my in-laws are very lire, fightful & fraud type of people. They lied a lot about the girl before marriage, like age (told 21 but actually she is 35, 5-7 years older than me, proof “nikahnama”), education, brother’s business etc. After marriage when my in-law’s lie open up then they start quarrelling to suppress there lie. They people proved a great “fraud” type & ill-mannered also.

The girl is also very ill-mannered & didn’t know any of household work. And even didn’t want to learn due to her ‘ego & proud’. She has a family habit of blaming others to suppress her fault. She & her family tease me and my family a lot on different issues like place of delivery, doctor etc. etc.

After marriage my in-laws start demanding different things like-

Just 2nd day of marriage my wife ask me for some ‘source’ for admission of her cusion.,

sometime later her brother Shariq’s rickshaw of goods fall down ,

After that his good’s ‘delivery slips’ lost ,

After that his 2nd brother Asif’s job lost away due to recession.

After that Illness of her parents (who are permanent ill after marriage).

Hence they require money.

Soon after a month of marriage my wife asks me for Rs.10,000/- for her brother. Thinking of the relation I gave her. But her brother returns the money in many installments. After 2-3 months they again ask me for Rs.1,00,000/- showing their poverty as his season of ‘fan-blade’ is near & he has no money left after marriage. But as they people are un-reliable, I ask them to transfer the car they gave at the time of marriage in my name. After that I gave them Rs.1,00,000/-(cash).

(Proof car’s R/c).

Seeing all this & her behaviour, my parents separated my kitchen, but as the girl didn’t know to cook I again returned to my family’s kitchen. I live on second floor.

When after 5-6 months I ask them to return my money they said, “Sell the car.” I said, “Why do I sell the car? This is not the fair deal. Why don’t I sell her jewelry? ”. After that they people increase quarrelling & the girl favors her family & start keeping her jewelry at her home, something every time when she visit her home, She has a fear that I really going to sell her jewelry. They didn’t return my money.

To the extreme, in December 2009, my in-laws send cheap & dirty ‘SMS’ and one of her relative,”SUMMAIYA” calls from a fake number (9760154367) to my expected brother in law. A lot dirty is written & said about my family in it. I also have voice record of “Summaiya” who called and proof that they people send the SMS. As I have installed call recorder to collect proof.(What’s need of installing recorder ?). I was shocked to listen the talk between my wife & her family specially her mother.

When the sequence of SMS & calls didn’t stop, I have to mention this to my wife. After that she fought a lot. After 8-10 days, on 29/1/2010 when I was at work, her father & brother take her home telling her mother is ill. (Proof recorded calls). She also takes away my son, her jewelry & clothes as this time they are in full mood of creating a bigger scene because there act of sms & call get caught . I filled 2 applications in police station also.

When I called her home, her brother & father start abusing me very badly (those one who don’t have tongue in their mouth before marriage). When we reach her home with 4 reputated persons (as asked by her father) none of their relative is present at that time. (As all knows who is wrong.) They create a scene & miss behave a lot and ask to transfer property against girl’s name. They didn’t send the girl and no-one from their side had come to talk to us yet..

I send a legal notice in April, after receiving my notice that family runs to women cell. (4 months after leaving my home). Then I filled a suit in court for injunction (RCR) on April 2010. On first hearing her lawyer refuses for mediation.

In women cell She blame me & my family a lot to suppress there doings. They came in bulk (6-7) persons. I told the whole story to SI. She came to my favor (I think). As one of the inspector even shouted at her as she is the only one in women cell who reach there for baseless issues & even want to return my house after me & my family say sorry to her. Inspector asks my wife, “If they give you so much harassment then why would you want to go there?”

I tried a lot to bring her home back as I have a child.

1. My mother along with my sister & brother reach her home to take her.

2. I called her home, when her father & brother start abusing me. (Proof my call detail).

3. Went her home with 4 reputed persons (one of them is their neighbor).

4. Two of my relative again went to their home.

5. I again called her home. (Proof my call detail).

6. I ask one of their relative “yusuf Jamaal” to bring her.

7. Send legal notice.

8. File case under RCR.

I or my family never harassed the girl. I keep her as happy as possible. Even more than her parents do. Even the girl didn’t want to visit her home. She is the wife of eldest son, 1st out of 2 in my family. I have a boy child & my family is much financially higher than her’s. Her father is retired 7-8 years before marriage. We need nothing except good relatives.The girl even didn’t want to visit her home even when her mother called her. (Proof recorded calls). But whenever she visited her home she creates a scene everytime. I can gather lots of people in favor of me but none from there side has came till today to talk to us.

Reasons why this girl create scene this time:-

1. To suppress doing & ill-treatment of her & her family (sending SMS & call.)

2. I have a son. (Only child in my family & 1st one of my next generation) & the child grows up so much that need no extra care (6 month).

3. Marriage of my sister is near.

4. Her family has an eye on my family’s property.

They are criminal natured. That’s why her marriage didn’t take place till 35 & they have to tell lots of lies to marry her to me. My parents marry me in a middle class family but they appear as lower class (juggiwalas). They have spoiled my family’s reputation made in years.

Now it’s limit of bear. Now I want divorce. Why do I bear so much blames? This girl is not worth of keeping at home. Also my in-laws are not worth keeping relation. I also want some action against them. Please suggest what cases I can file against them. Criminal cases.

Why I need divorce-

1. The marriage takes place on false information about the girl.

2. The girl is also very ill-mannered & didn’t know any of household work. And even didn’t want to learn due to her ‘ego & proud’.

3. They try to distroy life of my sister.

4. The girl took away my 6 month old son, 1st & only kid in my family.

5. My father-in-law & brother in law both abuse me on phone.

6. They try to beat me & abuse me when I reach to take the girl.

7. They behave very badly when my parents reach there home with 4 reputated persons. (One of them is there neighbour).

8. Instead of talking to us they wander here & there in my relatives & impose a lot of blame on me & my family. Like I drink alchohol, I & my family beat the girl & ask for dowry. They said that I have given my wife divorce. Sir, according to Muslim rituals if the girl says that her husband has given divorce to her than everyone has to except her. (Even if she is lying). Then how could I live with her?

9. I think that the girl is in pressure of her parents that’s why I file RCR but In women cell the girl blame me & my family a lot & tried there best to imprison me & my family.

10. They even make arrangements to beat me on road but when the person came to know about me he shouted on them.