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Hmmm… I don’t know I am torn and broke too now. Child is i nvolved. I have 5 months old son.

She is chameleon. I talk to her everyday. One day she is sweet and the other day she is opposite. Is she bipolar?

Her sister’s wedding is in few days, can it be so I attend the wedding, after the wedding they will be fully focussed on this 498a project. She is asking me to give her jewellery( which she got during our wedding) as she has to use it over her sister’s wedding. I told her that we will give it only if she signs on the leagal papers that she got all the jewellery back. Then she accusses me that I don’t trust her. I told her yes, I don’t trust her anymore, she needs to build the trust to re-live with me. Then she refuses to take back the FIR. All this suggests me that she is doing all this tamasha to scare me all the time.

Oh my god…. What’s in her brain?????

Thanks everybody for all your support.