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Are you or any of your family members LLB by qualifications (If not profession) ?

Anyway, let me come to the point …. You said that you have filed these cases on your MIL, BIL, SIL … In the whole episode, according to you, what was the role of your SIL ?

Are you educated ? What are your plans for future ? Take it this way … your hubby is alive but not taking care of you… What if a woman’s hubby is the best hubby in the world and is taking care of her, giving her money etc … and then suddenly such a hubby dies ? Even in such a case the woman becomes completely helpless and has to work hard and earn for herself and her kid(s).

I don’t know the consequence of your case and would not comment on whether you should have filed cases or not, or whether this evidence is sufficient or not (technically this evidence does not indicate that he or his family members ever beat you or asked you for dowry; Infact it shows the concern towards you by your BIL – whom you have accused in this case) ….. But don’t you think someday you will have to move ahead in life and develop yourself ? Better make your life ….. after 10 years whether anyone else’s life is ruined or not will not matter at all, but it will definitely matter to you if you have made your life by then !!!!!!