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Neelam you said,

“And yes maintenance applies even if you are an unemployed man and your wife tortures you being employed and still not supporting you.”Do you think a women with this kind of mentality is supposed to be called as a wife…A women has no right to be called a wife until she supports her husband if he is in problem.Marriage is not just like having Saat phere around the fire and having Sex.. marriage is an institution of trust,compromise,love,passion,relationship,sacrifice etc… I think you need to take lessons how to be a perfect wife

Read this guide to be a near to perfect wife :

1. )Believe in him. Your husband needs to know that if he fails to succeed at something or makes a mistake, you’ll still be right there. Your emotional support gives him confidence.

2 )Accept who he is. No one is flawless, and though there may be some things you’d like to change about him, he is who he is. He needs to feel loved by you for who and what he is, not what he could be changed into.

3 )Give him guy time. Just as women like to bond with shopping, phone conversations or other quality time, men need time to communicate and spend time with male friends. It can be a stress reliever and a time for them to kick back with friends.

4 )Communicate gently. This doesn’t mean you have to be subtle or indirect when talking with your husband, just be aware of your tone in an argumentive state that could be described by him as nagging.

5 )Encourage him. If your husband has a dream or something you know he would absolutely love to do but needs a little nudge, give him a little push and boost of confidence. He’ll see your support but also take your encouragement as reinforcement of your desire for him to be happy.

6) Be direct and to the point. Men can sometimes get lost in too much detail, and aren’t the best at mind-reading. If you want or need something, tell him–don’t expect him to know what’s on your mind.