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498 victim

1.”And yes maintenance applies even if you are an unemployed man and your wife tortures you being employed and still not supporting you.”

That means the case where your wife is employed and you need maintenance.

2.And this is not my case.I am discussing on someones behalf.So stop preaching me.I have more knowledge of Hindu philosophy than you .Get a warm up on orkut as a beginner.

3.Your wife was not adamant like me but you.I am open to truth.But you are hell bent on teaching and preaching woman those ideals of marriage that need man also to be equally idealistic .It is a 50-50 demand to be fulfilled by partners ,not 90 -10 as people like you want it to be with 90 to be done on part of woman.That is why even woman are losing their path while copying you guys while dealing with you.Your offensive Ego made them follow the same path of egoism as human always copies what makes him/ her get power though it “ruined” family as an institution.

4.And are you mad that you are not able to understand that the man knowingly did all this just to get money from inlaws,not spending money for family responsibilities, abandoned her at her mothers home for 4.5 years out of 6 years of marriage .You have not even read the details of the case and kept on responding like a fool.Har jagah apni wife hi nazar ati hai kya?Agar sachmuch vo galat hai toh jakar lado uskey khilaf naki virtual world mei unko sikhao jo khud dusron ke anyay ka shikar hain.