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“”in my 6th House i have Kethu and Moon and in her 6th she has Kethu and Saturn… what that denotes..?””

Your 6th house Ketu, can give you career related to medicine …. and Moon in 6th house is lord of which house ? ….. If moon is 10th lord, you are saved from most of the other problems of ketu in 6th as it will confirm a career related to medicine. This will considerably decide the effects…. Anyway Ketu with moon does give the person worries (Moon = Emotional abilities, is afflicted) ….. Ketu with moon can also give a saintly person who is detached from material gains even if he is a millionaire …. IF lagna becomes clear I can tell which house significations will be most affected ….

Her Saturn is in 6th : She will have long term litigations but will be detached from the litigations mentally. Again if you could tell about the houses lorded by saturn, things will be clearer …. Ketu in 6th with Saturn can also give her chronic illness particularly in dasha of saturn or ketu ….

For both of you, rahu is in 12th (its always exactly opposite ketu), which will give troubles from Foreign lands and foreigners but will also give attraction for foreign lands / foreigners / people from cultures very different from your own.