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Thats what i wrote CHILD IS NOT YOUR PROPERTY to keep her/him with you aginst child wish and husband wish.still saying CHILD NEED BOTH PARENTS.

After filling 498a what compromise you are expecting. You fillied it TRUE or FALSE because you were not ready to compromise.

Those who really want to make their marriage work, they do not go to Police, whatever the reasons may be.

Uou are talking about CHILD ABDUCTION but you kept child for ransom to bargain alimony, thats why you affraid that child may be taken away.

If anyone file FALSE case then only they dont have sufficient evidence to prove it. OR your husband has more proofs to prove your cruelty.

Now why do you want to quash 498A ?

if you were subjected to cruelty and dowry demand prove it, coz filling 498A is one way to DIVORCE only.

You cannt withdraw as you wish, its non compoundable.

You can ask judge, you are in no position to continue with the case, then move joint petition to dismiss.

If your husband dont agree then you are STUCK