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Dear Rekha

Pls clarify one issue:

Who is cruel to a child ” A mother who files a false case of IPC 498a on his father and separated father and mother from him ” or ” A father who is denied all the rights and love which he could have showered on his child while being with his child 24*7″.

Why in matrimonial issues criminal laws are being implicated on hubby and his family.

Before going further on this issue what is a men’s responsibility being a father and a hubby.Pls let us know about these points :

1) What are the cases filed by you till today?

2)Who are the accussed in cases filed by you?

3)What is the period of Separation ?

4)What you have gained during the separation?

5)How is your life pre 498a and post 498a ? Are you satisfied with your life after 498a?

6)What are the reconciliation efforts done by you and your family?

7)What was the reason of dispute between you and your hubby?

8)Your child wants to be with whom :(a) Only Mom, (b) Only Dad, (c) Both mom and dad

9)Whom do you think the child should be with :(a) Only Mom, (b) Only Dad, (c) both mom and dad

10)What is your qualification ? Were you working earlier and now?If yes then what is your earning?

I thinks answer to these questions are required to understand your case and to advice you accordingly.

Be honest and answer all the questions …